QSR Buzz: Korilla BBQ=Comfort Food!

Rick from QSR Buzz dropped in to let us know that Korilla BBQ is indeed a comfort food. FTW! Check out the snippet below or read the whole post here.


Yes, “homemade" or "home-style" fare is on the rise … but the main meat doesn’t have to be plain. New York City recently landed its first food trucks featuring Korean BBQ, the trendy street fare that has shifted eastward over the last few years. Korilla BBQ, a QSR food truck that serves Korean BBQ tacos, bowls and kimchi, has won several mentions on local foodie sites. Many elements of Korean BBQ mimic tastes that resonate true as "comfort food" for diners, including BBQ, a remnant of summer time childhood memories, and a predominant use of pork.