Week1 + FiDi and MPD

We had a wonderful first week and couldn't of done it without you!

Thank you all for waiting in long lines for our kBBQ! Although we are thrilled to have so many people lining up, we are working hard to make our lines move even faster. We also appreciate the many reviews we've received and will keep doing what you love and work out the kinks.

We were pleasantly surprised how many of you participated in the launch of our location poll. It has been a lot of fun seeing the neighborhoods battle-it-out and decide where we should go. You should know that voting is based on your computer's IP address, so that means 1 vote per office or household. If you couldn't vote, more-than-likely it was because someone in your network beat you to it. Hopefully they voted the same as you would.

Today (Friday the 22nd), we are in FiDi for the first time. We are located at Water Street and Coenties Slip.

Tomorrow (Saturday the 23rd), we will be in the Meat Packing District looking cool. We will keep the house music to a minimum. See you there!