Korilla is thankful for the friends we've made along the way. Here's a few:

BOX Creative
Our digital agency and marketing firm in New York.


fukuburger LV & fukuburger LA

Our West Cost partners in feeding the masses.


Mother's Korean Restaurant in Las Vegas, NV

When you're up a stack or down a stack, Mother's will take care of you!

Yelp-Mother's Korean Grill



Doc @ Steuben's hooked it up on our Devner leg of the trip. Amazing food, great crowd and all around foodie heaven.


M-Mart in Auroro, CO

Mr. Lee at M-Mart is what we call a true blue Korean dude. He hooked us up to the max and taught us 3 principles we live by now: 1. Treat your people like family, 2. Don't ever compromise on quality. 3. Get into a high margin business. Words of wisdom. 

Yelp-M-Mart (don't get it confused with E-Mart, or H-Mart!)


Bluestem Bistro in Aggieville, KS

There's a lot of talk of Southern hospitality but Midwesterners do it on another level. Kevin and his crew made us feel like we were home with their awesome pastries and fine coffee. Afer taping in Manhattan KS we almost didn't want to leave.


Yi's Oriental Market in Manhattan, KS

Mr & Mrs. Yi have small homey place all the way out in the Little Apple. You would expect tumbleweed before you could get your hands on kimchi, but it's no mirage! They are awesome folks living the American dream.

Yelp-Yi's Oriental Market


Winchester Farmer's Market in Memphis, TN

Jin and his uncle took a fledging supermarket and turned it around into Memphis' most diverse and all-encompassing megamarket. You can find everything here - they even make their own tortillas. We were blown away and am forever grateful for all their help.

Yelp-Winchester Farmer's Market