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Our little tiger cub grew up fast! We've braved the mean streets [and mean cops] of NYC, sold tacos and burritos world–wide, rocked Sesame Street, and was on "reality" TV's The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network. Our menus grew up too. Today we offer the best quality proteins, kimchi, and vegetables that we can source, as well as seasonal specialties and the occasional secret menu. All-natural, healthy, and fresh aren't just marketing terms, it's our responsibility.

We've redefined what you know about Korean Barbecue. Korilla brings you the best of Korean cooking, in a format you already love. Anotherwords, a burrito with bulgogi and bacon kimchi fried rice has been your favorite burrito all along, you just didn't know it yet. :)

So how can you get your hands around a Korilla burrito, you ask? Oh, Korilla's rice or salad kimchi–bowls are more you're style? Simply track down our food trucks here or on Twitter, or rock up to our first location [without wheels] found in the East Village on 3rd Ave at St. Mark's Place. In the following months, we'll be offering online pick-up and delivery ordering and catering.

Korilla was founded by Edward "3D" Song, a pioneer of the NYC food truck explosion, Queens Kid, and Columbia grad. When Korilla was a mere concept, Eddie took to and partnered with the Weitzel twins of SoHo's digital agency, Box Creative. Not too long after, Korilla rolled out their third truck, won Rookie of the Year at the Vendy Awards, received incredible press, reviews, and fans, and eventually broke ground on our first brick and mortar location.

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#1 Food Truck in NYC, 2014


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